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  2007 Committee Agendas and Briefings Archive
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  Revised City Council Calendar for the month of August 2007
  June 11, 2007
    Cultural Affairs Commission Recommendation Petition Rename South Dallas Cultural Center  (106 KB)
Alcohol-Free School Zones  (112 KB)
Group Facilities Task Force Update (7.3 MB)
Jules E. Muchert Reserve Center (2.28 MB)
Garland Road Corridor Vision (476 KB)
“ForwardDallas! Development Code Amendments-Recommended Regulatory Approach” (4.95 MB)
  May 14, 2007
    Single Family Housing Standards  (1.48 MB)
Update on the Transition to the Homeless Assistance Center  (44 KB)
  April 23, 2007
  April 9, 2007
    DWU Water Conservation Update  (2.2 MB)
    Street Light Maintenance  (131 KB)
    ISO – 9001; Quality Management System Progress Report  (346 KB)
    Urban Forestry Program  (2.0 MB)
  March 26, 2007

Alcohol - Free School Zone Ordinance  (204 KB)
"Childrens Edition" at NorthPark  (215 KB)
Water Conservation Program (713 KB)
Main Street Garden (4 MB)
Youth Commission Programs (1.8 MB)
Public Art Upcoming Projects (1.0 MB)
Solid Waste Hauler(Franchise fee) (256 KB)
Senior Transportation Services (49 KB)

  February 26, 2007

Animal Shelter Sign (285 KB)
Forward Dallas! Implementation Code Amendments and Area Plans (135 KB)
Customer Service Initiatives: CSI Dallas (The Year in Review and Work Plan
for 2007)
 (58 KB)
FY 2005-2006 Year End Service (84 KB)
Making Dallas the Safest Place to Have a Heart Attack (4.6 MB)

  February 12, 2007

Concept Design Dallas City Performance Hall  (2 MB)
Woodall Rodgers Deck Plaza  (3.5 MB)
Outside Display of Merchandise  (69 KB)
CSI Dallas (Year in Review and Work Plan 2007)  (128 KB)

  January 22, 2007
    Homeless Services Initiatives Update (806 KB)
    Food Ordinance Update (49 KB)
    Vegetation in the Alley, Street or Sidewalk (594 KB)
    Amendments to Certificate of Occupancy Regulations (77 KB)
    Automated Customer Feedback System (228 KB)
  January 8, 2007

ICMA Benchmarking Project FY 2005 Overview Parks/Recreation  (1.5 MB)
Accessory Outside Display of Merchandise  (442 KB)
Mosquito Control 2006 Update  (526 KB)
Vegetation in the Alley, Street or Sidewalk  (592 KB)
Landfill Construction (Waste Cell 6A)  (757 KB)
Solid Waste Hauler (Franchise Agreements)  (35 KB)


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