Our Vision for Smart Dallas is to leverage technology in becoming an inclusive, connected and efficient city focused on improving the quality of life of our citizens.

The Smart Domains enable better planning, managing and governing of cities in a sustainable way by maximizing economic opportunities and minimizing environmental damage. Six foundational elements of the Smart Domain:

City of Dallas Smart Initiatives

Smart Data

The City treats data as an asset and understands that –when leveraged in the right way –data-driven decision-making improves city operations and enhances customer service. The Data Strategy sets the direction and shapes the City’s enterprise information management vision. Effective enterprise data strategy delivers relevant and actionable information that is reusable, trusted and available.

Open Data Portal

The City of Dallas Open Data Portal offers citizens a way to access and use basic public information. The Open Data Portal provides a basis for economic, social and political progress, by strengthening the transparency of city government. Rather than going through a formal process to request information, a citizen can review, compare, visualize and analyze data –and share their discoveries –in real time. Access to information allows citizens to work together more effectively, collaborating with each other, with policy-makers and with service providers to improve governance, public life and public services to make more informed decisions.Releasing key information on public services also contributes to growth of new businesses and ensures accountability of government.

District Wi-Fi

District Hot Spot provides the City of Dallas communities with Wi-Fi hot spots that support City Services and Business growth. This Smart Initiative helps to promote business , education, culture and arts.

Dallas Innovation Alliance

The City has been collaborating with a coalition of stakeholders in defining a “ Dallas Innovation Alliance” which is a consortium of city technology and efficiency providers and in proposing an approach for engagement to support the City. Currently we are working on defining the Vision, Strategy, Execution and Metrics as relates to the “Dallas Innovation Alliance”. The approach that would cover the program startup, growth and maturity aspect of the consortium.

Smart Parking Management

Smart Parking Management helps to better utilize parking spaces, increase revenue and have a higher satisfaction rate with parking customers. The solution also helps with real time parking availability which in turn would help in promoting a clean healthy environment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Smart 311

The Dallas 311 Mobile app makes it possible for residents to report code violations with their smartphones and attach photos of the violation to their service request. Citizens can also track status and location of their service request. The smart remote 311 call center is an effective service to deliver more efficient customer service.

Smart Information Kiosk

Smart Information Kiosk provide citizens and Dallas visitors real time information on emergency alerts, weather forecast, city tour planning, points of interest, transit information, location information and city service.The solution is customizable to fit any selected location.

Smart Space

Smart Space helps City of Dallas communities to utilize Tele-Conferencing facility to promote business , culture and arts. Smart space intends to provide citizens with an opportunity to use technology for the betterment of the community/business and reduce drive time for citizens in need of such facility.


A joint program between the City of Dallas, Dallas Independent School district and Dallas County Community College District to create a strategic engage with P-Tech High School over the next 5 years. The program focus is to establish a partnership with the City and other corporations to enable a career pathway for children in the DISD P-Tech schools.


Innovation and Information Management
A division of Communication and Information Services

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